EBest tiếp tục quay trở lại cùng với Series IELTS SPEAKING PART 1 với một chủ đề quen thuộc khác rồi đây, đó là Home & Hometown. Hãy cùng chúng mình khám phá những từ vựng và cụm từ thật hay để miêu tả quê hương và ngôi nhà thân yêu nhé!

A. Home, Accommodation & Room:

1. Tell me about the kind of accommodation you live in?

Unlike most of my friends in college, I live under the same roof with my parents and brothers/ sisters. We own a three-storey house in a secluded area of the city so it’s not convenient to commute to work every morning. However, our lovely house has that feeling of spaciousness and light which we all enjoy. 

  • To live under the same roof with someone (v): Ở chung nhà với ai đó
  • Three – storey house (n): Nhà ba tầng


2. How long have you lived there?

I’ve been living here since I was a little child. My siblings and I grew up in this house together so we all take good care of it. It’s full of beautiful memories of our family and I would miss it every time I’m away

  • Take good care of something/ someone (v): Chăm sóc ai đó/ vật gì đó cẩn thận
  • Be away (adj): Đi ra ngoài, đi khuất (giống như “to go out”)

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3. What do you like about living there?

I have to say I really love the tranquility in this neighborhood. I’m not a big fan of crowded places so living in our house really gives me that sense of peacefulness. Home is where I turn to whenever I feel worn out so I think that it is best not being surrounded by deafening noises

  • Tranquility (n): Sự bình yên, tĩnh lặng (tả khung cảnh)
  • Be a big fan of someone/ something: Là người hâm mộ, rất yêu thích ai đó/ điều gì đó
  • To turn to (v): Dựa vào, tìm đến (mỗi khi gặp khó khăn)
  • Deafening noises (n): Tiếng ồn gây điếc tai


4. What do you dislike about living there?

Well, if I had to name one thing I dislike about the house, it would probably be my room. It is on the top floor of the house, absorbing the scorching heat through the windows during daytime so it’s boiling hot when I try to go to sleep at night. Sometimes I have to sleep on the couch downstairs to avoid this.

  • Scorching, boiling hot (adj): Rất nóng, nóng như nước sôi


5. What sort of accommodation would you most like to live in?

I prefer living in a large house to a small one. I love gardening so I want my dream house to have a large garden with many kinds of plants and flowers. Having a swimming pool would be a big bonus for me. I want to live in a house with an open space and good ventilating system

  • Big bonus (n): Điểm cộng lớn, điều gây ấn tượng
  • Ventilating system (n): Hệ thống thông gió


B. Hometown

1. Where is your hometown?

I was born and raised in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. However, I had to leave Hanoi to move to Ho Chi Minh city when I started high school. My parents said they didn’t like the severity of Hanoi’s climate so our family decided to relocate 7 years ago.

  • Be born and raised: Được sinh ra và lớn lên
  • Severity (n): Sự gay gắt
  • Relocate (v): Chuyển đến sống ở một nơi khác

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2. What was it like growing up there?

Well, Hanoi is a culturally diverse city. It has a lot to offer, from a fascinating history, beautiful antique buildings to mouth watering street food so I can say that I have almost everything I need right at my doorsteps. Actually Ho Chi Minh city is a wonderful place as well but I really miss Hanoi and my friends back there. 

  • Culturally diverse (adj): Đa dạng về văn hoá
  • To have a a lot to offer: Có nhiều điều hay, thú vị, cuốn hút.
  • Antique buildings (n): nhà cổ
  • Mouth watering (adj): Ngon, làm thèm đến chảy nước miếng ^^
  • At my doorstep: Ngay trước thềm cửa nhà; ý nói rất gần và tiện lợi, dễ tiếp cận.


3. Has it changed much since you were a child?

When I was younger, Hanoi was a lot more peaceful. As time goes by, Hanoi attracts a lot of people from around the country. The rapid increase of people and private vehicles has caused severe air pollution, noise pollution and scarcity of residential areas whereas problems were almost non-existent in the past. 

  • Scarcity (n): Sự thiếu hụt
  • Non-existent (adj): Không có, không tồn tại


4. What do you like most about living there?

Hmmm…Unlike my parents, I love the weather in Hanoi. You can experience all 4 seasons in a year. It can be boiling hot and humid during the summer but can turn freezing cold when winter comes. My mom says the weather there is inclement but I think that’s what makes Hanoi distinctive.  

  • Boiling hot (adj): Cực kì nóng (giống như nước sôi)
  • Freezing cold (adj): Rất lạnh (gần như đóng băng)
  • Inclement (adj): (chỉ thời tiết) Xấu, không thuận lợi
  • Distinctive (adj): Khác biệt


5. What kinds of things can visitors to your hometown go and see?

Hanoi boasts many tourist attractions around the city. I often take my foreign friends to the ancient corner because it has long been the indispensable symbol of Hanoi. There are a lot of old buildings with fascinating architecture and interesting history. People can wander around doing some sightseeing while enjoying some lip-smacking typical food right in the heart of the city.  

  • Boast (v): Có (những đặc điểm nổi bật, thu hút)
  • Indispensible (adj): Quan trọng, không thể thiếu được
  • Lip-smacking (adj): (Chỉ đồ ăn) Ngon

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6. Do you think you will live there when you are older?

I’m now used to the fast-paced lifestyle of Ho Chi Minh city and I think this city is the place that I can settle down and build my own family. However, when I get older, who knows if I will change my mind and think about coming back to where I was born to seek that mindful lifestyle. You know, the older you get, the more you gravitate towards your place of origin, which is full of your beautiful childhood memories. 

  • Fast-paced (adj): diễn ra nhanh, liên tục, dồn dập
  • Settle down (v): Ổn định cuộc sống
  • Mindful lifestyle (n): Lối sống chậm rãi, nhẹ nhàng, giúp tận hưởng những điều trước đây ta chưa từng để ý
  • Gravitate towards (v): Nghiêng về, thiên về, có xu hướng làm gì đó